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The Problem

Depressed Children

  • Compared to the global average, 10% more children in Hong Kong reported feeling depressed in 2021.1
  • In 2021, only 15.5% of children in the city rated their health as very good, compared to the 36.3% global average. 1
  • A 2021 survey found that Hong Kong children aged 6-17 hit a five-year low in terms of happiness.2
  • In the 2019-20 school year, bullying in Hong Kong’s primary and secondary schools reached a 10-year high with reported cases increasing by over 50% year on year. 3
  • At least 23 primary and secondary pupils were suspected to have committed suicide during the 2019-20 school year, which is an 8-year high. 4

Stressed Teachers

  • Thousands of teachers across Asia are experiencing mental health problems as online learning during the pandemic have brought new feelings of stress, inadequacy and guilt.5
  • The average self-reported teacher stress level has risen to 6.97 out of 10. 6
  • Over 80% of teachers responded that their physical and mental well-being has been affected by the pandemic. Many of them say they are exhausted and almost half reported feelings of job anxiety. 7
  • A Hong Kong Psychological Society study, commissioned by the Professional Teachers’ Union and carried out in Spring 2018 found that 52.2% of 1,836 teachers interviewed displayed symptoms of moderate or serious depression, including feelings of hopelessness, fatigue and sleep disorder. 23% rated their work stress as “extremely huge”, while another 58.2% rated it as “very huge.”8


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