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We rely on charitable contributions to support our Mission and Vision – donate today and together we can nurture the next generation of wise and compassionate global citizens and leaders

You can make a difference

Every dollar you donate helps us ensure all children in the Hong Kong can be empowered by holistic education programs that foster their needed social, emotional and ethical development and inspire them to embrace a sense of mission and pursue meaningful dreams in life. Your support will:

  • Help finance training programs for teachers to develop their personal mindfulness practice and to be able to teach a mindfulness-based curriculum
  • Provide tutors/mentors who will give support to teachers while implementing mindfulness-based curriculums in their classrooms
  • Create a different learning environment where children are
  • more focused
  • attentive
  • intrinsically motivated
  • engaged in finding joy in learning
  • keen in becoming caring individuals who relate compassionately with others and the world