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Luncheon Sharing

November 26, 2021

On 26 November 2021, we had the pleasure of hosting a luncheon on our SEED (Social, Emotional & Ethical Development) Program and Kindness Curriculum in Hong Kong!

Our Founder, Poman Lo, began by sharing our charity’s mission and vision, as well as highlighting alarming statistics regarding child depression and teacher stress in the city. The need for SEED in Hong Kong was made clear.  

Our lead instructor, Dr. Eliza Lau, then led a brief mindfulness demo and elaborated on its evidence-based benefits for both kindergarten teachers and students. 

Our Founder also sat down for a fireside chat with Jeff Sze, Political Assistant to the Secretary for Education, to hear his views regarding our program and the importance of social and emotional learning in kindergartens. 

Dozens of principals and teachers-in-charge attended from Shatin and Kwai Ching districts, as well as from several of our current 11 pilot schools!  What an insightful and inspiring afternoon it was!