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2022 COVID-19 Epidemic

Anxiety & Stress Management

  • Due to the rapidly worsening epidemic this year in Hong Kong, both the mindfulness training for teachers and Kindness Curriculum for children will feature new content and discussion themes related to epidemic anxiety and stress management
  • The mindfulness training for teachers will equip them with a greater ability to handle the stress and burnout that comes from sudden school closures, online teaching and health concerns
  • The Kindness Curriculum for children promotes enhanced social skills, emotional intelligence and empathy with peers – all of which suffer when students face frequent school closures
  • To build up their self-coping capacities and unlock positive emotional release, a specific focus on integrating reflections and sharing from students regarding COVID-19’s long effect on our daily lives in Hong Kong will encourage children to practice constructively communicating negative feelings such as the stresses and anxieties they have felt during the past three years