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HKU Research Study

  • BLF & HKU will conduct a study on “Mindfulness as a Social and Emotional Learning Guidance for Young Children, Teachers and Parents in Hong Kong”.
  • The purpose of this ethics-approved study is to measure and validate the impact of SEED and Kindness Curriculum will have on kindergarten students and teachers in Hong Kong.
  • The expected benefits for the kindergarten students include improvements in social skills, emotional intelligence, health, attention/concentration, exhibiting altruistic or pro-social behaviours (such as following school rules), and better enjoyment of school life.
  • In addition, teachers are expected to acquire better emotional self-regulation skills, thereby reducing stress and burnout.
  • The research results after the three-year study will be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, with a view towards demonstrating to the Education Bureau the need for a mindfulness and kindness-based curriculum to be provided to all kindergartens.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Lucy Hsu

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, HKU
  • Director, Child Language & Learning Laboratory at HKU
  • Registered Educational Psychologist


Dr. Winnie Chan

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, HKU
  • Leader, Learning & Development Laboratory, HKU
  • Co-investigator, Jockey Club “Peace and Awareness” Mindful Culture in Schools Initiative
  • Registered Educational Psychologist