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Benefits of Kindness Curriculum

In the United States, a research study was conducted by Professor Richard Davidson and his colleagues which compare two different groups of students.

  • Students participating in social and emotional learning (SEL) program showed a 10% gain in positive social behavior.
  • They enjoy school life more and abide by school rules.
  • On the other hand, there is a drop by 10% in anti-social behaviors such as unruly behaviors in classrooms.
  • Another significant finding is that the students who received the Kindness Curriculum also saw gains in their academic achievement scores of 11%.

Promoting Prosocial Behavior and Self- Regulatory Skills in Preschool Children Through a Mindfulness-Based  Kindness Curriculum  by Lisa Flook, Simon B. Goldberg, Laura Pinger. And Richard J. Davidson, University of Wisconsin-Madison (